Budi Hendarto
Revenue & Yield Director

Khong Guan philosophy has not changed since 1974 which is providing quality products for Indonesian families followes by strong marketing support at the appropriate price.

Emil Darmono
Revenue & Yield Director

Our Company dedicates itself to always put product quality and consumer needs in front of our priority.

We also continue to build on the manufacturer, supplier, and consumer confidence so that the minds of consumers Indonesia know that we are able



Being a leading food company in Indonesia, which are ready to serve the global market.


Producing and providing quality food products through the use of raw materials that meet quality standards, processes and cutting-edge production facilities, and competent human resources.

PT. Khong Guan Biscuits Factory

Khong Guan began its history when the first factory was established in 1970 in Ciracas, East Jakarta, and began operation in 1971.

PT. Nissin Biscuits Indonesia

The Second plant produces the legendary butter cookies. Delicacy tradition is maintained though the products are now manufactured using modern robotic technology. And produces other products such as snacks varied gold and wallen soes.

PT. Jadi Abadi Corak Biskuit

Since its establishment, the factories focus on producing pie biscuits with lots of variants, so the variety is increasing and a become people's favorite. Among others, Genji mini pie, Pies & Chocolate, and Assorted Pie.

PT. Monde Mahkota Biscuits

Khong Guan group expanded to the Philippines to set up its fourth plant. Up to now the products of this factory dominate the market share for instant noodles category in Philippines.

PT. Serena Indopangan Industri

The fifth factory was establish adjacent to the Khong Guan first factory. Relentless innovation that has created a new type of biscuit, the 'daily crunch'. Some of the popular biscuit factory include Coconut Butter, Lemonia, Cookies, and Togo.

The factory is located in Cibinong, West Java was unveiled on February 18, 1993 and was set in an area of 24.7 acres.

PT. Serena Indopangan Industries was established to anticipate the increasing need for biscuits in Indonesia in connection with the growth of population and purchasing power.

The factory is located in Cibinong, West Java was unveiled on February 18, 1993 and was set in an area of 24.7 acres. At first, it has an installed capacity of 10.000 tonnes per year with primary production between Khong Guan Assorted Biscuits others, Nissin Butter Coconut, Nissin Lemonia Cookies etc.

Increasing market demand, accelerate the development of the plant, now the current capacity increased up to 100%. Thus the plant can continue to produce new products such as Togo Chocolate Biscuits, Big Royal Sandwich, Big Royal Wafer, and so on.

With increasing product range, we also continue to expand the marketing area includes not only the archipelago alone. But we also develop marketing abroad, among others, USA, ASEAN nations, Middle East, Australia, and Africa.


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Sertifikat HACCP
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LT-IPB (Lap Terpadu IPB)

ISO 22.000:2005
"Food Safety Management System"
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